Student Outcomes

After completing the study graduates are:

  1. Able to develop application theories, including: financial accounting / auditing / taxation / accounting management / accounting information system in the preparation of accounting policy and decision making with multiparadigm perspectives;
  2. Able to advance the scientific diciplines of accounting independently and / or in groups and make decisions on a wide-range of accounting theories and research methods options that results an improved and new ideas that are useful for society with multidisciplinary paradigm;
  3. Able to develop insurance and attestation strategies by utilizing relevant information technology by analyzing external and / or internal audit needs;
  4. Able to justify decisions on development of business processes by considering the resources factors (human, supporting technology and financial budget), the corporate’s performance and  its vision and mission;
  5. Able to develop strategies for dealing with massive business data in the area of financial reporting, auditing, managerial accounting, taxation, and financial management;
  6. Able to develop financial strategy including but not limited to working capital management, capital budgeting, financing, risk management and portfolio optimization.