Korupsi adalah salah satu isu besar dalam perekonomian Indonesia. Seorang Faculty Member, A. Maulidi, PhD (Cand) membahas mengenai karakteristik korupsi di Indonesia pada suatu sesi klub kriminologi di Inggris pada bulan Agustus 2020. Berikut adalah intisari dari paparan:

The discussion was given in the routine meetings of the U.K. criminological clubs. Maulidi presented corruption cases rooted in Indonesian bureaucracies. The given discussion is purely practical viewpoints, but it may trigger the new research agendas in looking at the antecedences and consequences of performing corrupt behaviour. While many people opined poor institutional conditions as the ground for corruption, Maulidi has a different view. He claims they are just a consequence of corrupt agreements that makes corrupt behaviour continues to flourish. It is argued, there is something more fundamental. He does not merely refute the prior claims. However, it is necessary to consider what happen in Indonesia. Illegal acts in Indonesia bureaucracy cannot be explained by a single concept of fraud causation.

Secara lengkap, paparan dapat dilihat pada tautan berikut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GfGMmC_z74